Introducing the Predator™ Infrared Night Vision Set-Up 2.0

100 Released

Combine Precision with a Wide Field of Vision
Powerful Magnification - Wide Display
Predator™ is designed for finding game with a glance at a screen; with a high definition wide display, it allows you to notice and shoot quarry from a longer range than with a typical scope
The Most Useful Set-Up for Hunting at Night
Our set-up is especially useful at night - when you can't rely on eyesight for a wide field of vision, Predator™ allows you to scan large areas in pitch darkness for coyotes, hogs, coon, rats, and other quarry with relative ease through a combination of a wide display and powerful magnification.  Add hundreds of yards of night vision to your scope instead of spending thousands on another scope.
Our Special
We've released the first 100 scopes of our upgraded model (official release date: New Years, 2021) as a special.  
Upgraded features: our new model features stronger magnification, .357 magnum level recoil resistance, and a wider & higher resolution screen.
94/100 Predator™ 2.0 Scopes Sold

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